MedinVita wants to direct healthy and responsible purchases.

In this section SHOP, both products and services are offered with a common denominator: respect for the environment and health.

ECO-TOURISM: There are hotels that have chosen, even if it does not get in the tourist circuits most publicized by the major travel agencies to offer services that are environmentally friendly and which bring out the most important aspects for of their welfare. In these hotels or B & B, the focus is particularly on dishes taste from breakfast to dinner, the activities offered to customers, healthy and often intimately connected with the nature of the place and the environment in generale.Alcune structures also offer a chance to discover local traditions with its events in order to convey the story of that territory.

THE PRODUCTS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET: This section recommends MedinVita some typical products of the Mediterranean diet and provides a descriptive brochure with an order relating to the beneficial properties of the food in question. As already mentioned, the Mediterranean diet is the only diet in the world recognized as being effective in preventing chronic diseases, the most dangerous of the 21st century. Promoting the sale of products of the Mediterranean Diet, MedinVita aims to introduce on the tables of all citizens DIET HEALTH.

COSMETICS: Unfortunately not everyone knows that the most common cosmetic products, even those men and women use daily, contains substances potentially harmful to the body. Some are even openly (then endorsed by scientific evidence) CANCER. ENVIRONMENT section lists all the harmful substance found in many skincare products. MedinVita wants instead promote product lines NOT containing these dangerous substances.

PRESIDI: MedinVita promotes the use of medical and non, that safeguard the environment.