MedinVita first goal is to introduce principles of Lifestyle Medicine in people's everyday life.

It is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the principles of prevention organizing events, courses and congresses but also disseminating among health professionals an innovative clinical approach to the patient, the LMC Method (LifeStyle Medicine Consultation), an interdisciplinary medical consultation for health education that raises patient's awareness helping him to change his behaviour.

Thanks to this unique and innovative clinical method,MedinVita provides qualified support to all types of healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics and offices) offering specialized professional skills in the fields of Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine. 


MedinVita can also provide some special medical tests:

- Saliva: DNA testing to identify genetic variants

- Blood: to identify food intolerance and/or gluten sensitivity 

(Stefania Ubaldi, MD, PhD)

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Why the Dandelion?

The Dandelion represents - in the common language - values like FAITH, STRENGHT, HOPE.

The name comes from the greek language "taraxis" (disorder, imbalance) + "akas" (remedy).
It is also a symbol of messenger, due to the capacity of the stamens to fly in the wind, sharing ideas and contributing in raising awareness.

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