It is a new professional figure, a medical doctor specialist in Internal Medicine and in LifeStyle Medicine.

His consultations are aimed to the clinical application of the principles of Lifestyle Medicine for prevention, creating a tailored therapeutic plan.

MedinVita offers this new type of medical examination in several italian and foreign cities.

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The LMC Method (Lifestyle Medicine Consultation)  is an interdisciplinary model of consultation between health professionals.

The common goal is  Behavior Changes to reduce risk disease, tools are the tecniches adopted by each specialist to modify individual Lifestyle.

The consultation is based on medical consultations and/or counseling, with questionnaires administration and a tailored therapeutic project for the patient for the adoption of a new and healthy lifestyle.

This is Health Education.

The professionals involved are:
- 1 internist/ environmental pathologist (coordinator)
- 1 nutritionist or dietician 
- 1 expert in physical activity
- 1 psychologist/psychotherapist to teach stress reduction techniques (Mindfulness, etc...).

With the "8 week program" the patient is taken in charge by the team that will help him to change his Lifestyle in only 8 weeks. Then Follow-up after 10 weeks and 6 months. 

The counseling method used by each professional in the LMC Group is the Motivational Interview (Miller and Rollnick).

MedinVita is looking for health professionals interested in spreading the LMC Method across Europe.


COMBINED MODULES (Lifestyle Medicine Consultations + Nutrigenetics Test)

MedinVita proposes other modules of Lifestyle Medicine consultations based on the results of the DNA testing (Nutrigenetics) that the patient can perform with a simple salivary swab. With these results, the consultation will be held by a medical doctor, expert in Lifestyle Medicine  and a nutritionist  who will prepare a personalized dietary plan according to the test results. (NUTRI-LIM module)

Another module proposes the physical activity consultation to motivate patients for an active Lifestyle.

>>>>Nutrigenetics testing + medical consultation + nutritional consultation + physical activity consultation (ACTIVE-LIM module)

All the consultations are based on the individual DNA testing results.


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You can decide to undergo the single Consultations to change your Lifestyle. You can choose to meet with our experts in nutrition or with our experts in physical activity or stress management.

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To Individuals

Patients can undergo Lifestyle Medicine consultations in several Italian and European cities. They will be taken in charge by a team of experienced professionals.

At the end of the tailored therapeutic program with various professionals, patients will have learned how to adopt a self-management approach to a healthy Life Style for the prevention of chronic diseases.


To Companies

MedinVita addresses also to Companies that want to promote the concept of Healthy Lifestyle with obvious positive effects on productivity.

Health experts promote the fundamental principles for the adoption of a Healthy Life Style in the workplace, in the context of seminars organized in the company.

The topics are those related to a Healthy Diet, a Healthy Environment and prevention of work-related stress.

Moreover, MedinVita provides qualified support to all Health Facilities (hospitals and clinics) in the field of Life Style Medicine and Prevention, planning tailored services for the patients.